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Build luxurious office in low budget with Amazon

If you are a startup or any professional or even a small company, you need an office. Here are some tips to build luxurious office in low budget


Comfort with luxury

Office chairs: Office chairs are very first and important factor. You and your employees should have luxurious but still comfortable chair to seat 8 hours a day.

Elecktra Mesh Low Back Computer available on Amazon @ 3,950.00 Rs

Office table: Office tables are costly on ecommerce site. You can get better designs at local market at cheaper cost.

Computer table: For startups, we found nice computer table.

Nilkamal Leo Computer Trolley/Table (Brown) available on Amazon @ 2,021.00 Rs

office table decorative items: If you want to make your work environment lively & green, you must have plant pot in your office.

Root Bridges Indoor Green Money Plant (Pot included) available on Amazon @ 310.00 Rs

Photo frame: You need to display certain information on walls like prizes your company won, rules & regulations, inspirational text

Indianara 4 Piece Set Of Framed Wall available on Amazon @ 599.00 .00 Rs and 11 piece set @ 1,295.00 Rs

Lights: Another important factor to consider. You can get energy efficient LED lights at low cost.

For Outdore lights -Euro Smartbright 30W = 250W LED Outdoor Flood Light available on Amazon @ 2,980.00 .00 Rs

For indore lights -2'x2' Slim Aluminum LED Panel Light available on Amazon @ 2,400.00 Rs

CCTV: You must have CCTV camera's now a days.

Hikvision Deep Ds-2Ce56C0T-Irp (1Mp) Turbo Hd 720P Dome Cctv Security Camera With Night Vision available on Amazon @ 1,099.00 Rs and 11 sets HD camera's at @ 19,390 Rs

With those simple purchases, you can save lot of money on interior designers or even you can get them above materials at your cost!

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